The Twelfth Man

The Twelfth Man is the official publication of the Liverpool Disabled Supporters Association (LDSA)

Featuring team news, articles on the work of the LDSA and its activities, as well as insights, interviews, and opinions all centred on a shared enthusiasm for Liverpool Football Club (LFC) and the joy of the beautiful game.

LDSA was formed in 2003 by LFC in conjunction with its fans. As an affiliate organisation, it represents disabled supporters at official club meetings and functions and lobbies on their behalf. Steered by a dynamic and proactive committee, LDSA addresses issues affecting disabled fans, such as stadium access, pitch viewing, parking, toilet facilities, catering and more.

The organisation also serves up a lively itinerary of social events, from end-of-season dinners, family sports days, local sports gatherings, to meetings with other disabled supporters organisations.

With the publication of The Twelfth Man, LDSA intends to widen its reach, raise its voice further, and provide a focus for discussion on the issues that matter to its members.

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